9 Amazing Stained Glass Artists to Follow in 2023

Stained glass is a classic art form that has been around for centuries, but in the last decade, there is a whole new wave of stained glass artists that are truly revolutionizing the craft. 

These modern-day artisans are taking stained glass to the next level, pushing the boundaries of what was thought to be possible and creating stunning, unique works of art. 

So, if you’re looking to add some new life to your decor or just admire the beauty of stained glass, then look no further than these cutting-edge -no pun intended- stained glass artists of 2023.


Image by Hellboundgal
Image by Hellboundgal | Shop from this artist here: Webstore


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A bit more of her work:


ALL art is valid! Zero shade to the classics – but my version of stained glass is… unexpected. . #glassart #artistsoftiktok #3Dart #floralart #cottagecoreart #canadianartist

♬ original sound – Glimpse Glass // Stained Glass


Image by @CulottaCreations
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Look at this awesome pineapple!


If there’s one method I got down it’s a super bright copper patina 🤓✨ #stainedglass #summervibes #pineapple #dreamyart #copperglow #iridescent #patina

♬ Summer – Aesthetic Sounds


Image by LittleTasksGlass
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Watch the making of an awesome stained glass mirror:


Image by ArcadianStainedGlass
The state of California had never looked so lit! Shop here


Image by CutJoin
Buy from this artist here: https://www.cutjoin.com/store


  • Where from: Lancashire, UK
  • Where to follow: TikTok
  • Where to buy: Reach out directly Website

Image by Light_Leaded_Designs

Watch his making of all things 2022!


Well 2022💥.. Its been a brilliant year in the workshop making lovely projects for clients. Here’s a little round up from the last 12 months. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone’s kind comments and likes. Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas holiday and all the best for 2023 🎉 #leadedlights #stainedglass #periodhome #homerenovations #artistsoftiktok #craftsman #stainedglassartist #glassartist #glasslove #victorianrenovation #craftmanship #victorianterrace #glassart #glassartwork #glass #recap2022 #colourfulhome #lookback #lightleadeddesigns #tiktokartist

♬ Ca plane pour moi – Plastic Bertrand

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