Trendiest Ideas For Painting Glass Vases in 2023

From a sea glass finish to making your glass look like ceramic using baking soda. Learn about different ideas to paint your glass vases.

I never thought I’d spend hours online looking at all the ways you can paint a glass vase. Did you? Well, hope your answer is no because that is why I am here. In this article I will show you the trendiest and more original ideas to paint a glass vase I found from glass painting gurus on the internet.

Continue reading to find tutorials to get this results. Images by TheResourcefulHomemaker, Fiona from and

From using chalk paint for a ceramic finish to getting an ombre style. I hope you love these techniques as much as I did and find the inspiration to turn that boring glass vase waiting to be left at the curve into an amazing piece of art!

What You Need to Paint Glass Vases

The right vase

Any vases or containers that you would like to turn into a piece of art will work for this project. The type of glass will be your main consideration when deciding what to paint, but usually clear glass vases with smooth finishes work better. If you have a surface that has a lot of texture, you will have trouble trying to make your paint get into all those little gap areas in between. If you want to paint on a colored container, make sure the paint is compatible with the type of glass your container is made from.

The smoother your glass surface, the easier it will be for you to paint.


Regular acrylic paint can be used on glass, ideally though, you want to use paint that was made specifically for glass. Specially, if you will need to wash your vase once in a while. If not, feel free to use any of those old cans of paint that you have been saving for a special project.

From the group of paint that is specifically made for glass there are:

  • Water based acrylic glass paint: It has good coverage and you can get it in different finishes from matte to high gloss.
  • Enamel paint: Usually for a glossier finish, its big advantage is this paint will hardly chip.
  • Spray paint (matte, chalk paint, glossy): Speed is the name of the game when painting with spray.
  • Stained glass look paint: for a very see-through finish

The big selling point for using any of the paints listed above is that you won’t need to primer your surface.

Well-known brands are:

  • Multi Surface Acrylic Paint by Folk Art
  • Glass Paint by DecoArt
  • Gloss Enamels by Americana DecoArt, glossy finish
  • Gallery Glass by Plaid, for a stained glass effect


Only if you choose paint that is not specifically made for glass. For vases, I recommend using spray paint; any regular paint primer such as Valspar or Zinsser will work.

Now that we have ironed out the basics, let’s move on to these super cool examples.

Painting a clear glass vase for a ceramic finish

This project creates a unique look that is reminiscent of ceramic pieces. There are two methods to get these results.

Baking soda method for a ceramic finish

For the baking soda method you can mix acrylic paint with baking soda in a ratio of 1:5. That is 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 5 tablespoons of paint, depending on the size of your vase. First you want to wipe your surface to make it sparkling clean. Then simply grab your mix and paint away! Let dry properly. See this example from

For this project, Shannon from TheResourcefulHomemaker used a mix of 1 tablespoon of regular acrylic paint and about 1/4 cup of baking soda. I recommend this method if you want a ceramic finish with lots of texture.

Spray chalk paint method for a ceramic look

Simple and quick, yet super classy. Casey from went all out to transform what looked like plain glass vases to pieces that, like she says, would’ve paid many bucks at her favourite home store. I would have too!

While she didn’t prime any of these pieces, I definitely recommend to do so. Her work regardless is top notch. For most of these she tried different brands of chalk paint, her favourite turning out to be Krylon. 

For this method all you need to do is clean your surface properly, walk outside or to a really well vented area, use some sort of protection for both the ground and your lungs and paint your surface at 15 inches of distance.

Image by Casey from

Image by Casey from

Spray painting glass vases

While chalk spray paint is the preferred method by many these days (see example above), there are many colors, finishes and patterns that you can create for a very original look.

For example, with a few inches of painters tape and spray paint in different shades of pink, Aimee from turned these old vases into a flower dream.

Don’t be afraid of trying different geometric shapes, painters tape is your best friend for this type of project. If you go for triangle shapes, you may want to try painters tape that is thiner to allow more paint coverage on your surface.

How to make a vase look like sea glass?

This is one of the preferred finishes in glass vases these days. The look is sophisticated yet subtle. While doing my research on what are the different techniques for this type of look, I found two that I absolutely love.

Image by Fiona from

Using Fusion Mineral paint for sea glass effect

With this method the key is the paint, many creators out there recommend this brand specifically for this type of finish and I must say there is a reason to it. It looks amazing! Check out the difference with other paints such as spray paint by Krylon. On this example, Toronto Home Shows combined the blue with a bit of white to give it an even more organic finish.

Using saltwash for a sea glass effect

On the other hand, Saltwash via YouTube, shares her method using just saltwash, water and paint. You will note she didn’t use glass specific paint but that is okay, as these vases are usually not to be washed frequently.

Using spray paint for a sea glass effect

I must say, while there already are a few brands that carry spray paint with a sea glass finish, such as Krylon. I noticed the texture doesn’t come out as sophisticated as with other methods. Even on the images that review this type of product on Amazon, I feel the quality is not the same as it is with other methods. So if you want to go for this finish, select your method carefully.

Image by review via Amazon

Brushstroke Painting

Brushstroke painting uses varied brushstrokes to create a unique, artistic design. From all of these techniques, I will say this is the one that requires more of an artistic skillset. After all, there is a reason why all of the examples below are for sale.

Decals and Clings

Decals and stickers are ideal for anyone who prefers no design or would rather leave the artistic ability to decal and pattern creators. You can choose from a variety of designs to create a personalized and unique look and use anything from spray paint to enamel to create super cool designs using a decal.

My favourite method though, is definitely making your own clings. Gallery Glass paint is one of the many brands on the market that allow you to paint a design on a flat surface to later peel it off and stick to the surface of your liking.

This type of project is ideal for the kiddos or simply for those who feel like trying something different in a glass surface without being afraid of messing up.


When you’re looking for a way to add creativity to your home and make it feel like a special and personalized space, painting vases can be a fun and easy way to do it! Whether you choose a bold and bright color or a soft, muted shade, painting glass vases sure spark your creativity.

Check out more ideas for different glass surfaces.

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