Painting Glass Gurus About


I believe the Internet has plenty of great content creators but could use more content curators. People who other people can trust with aggregating and digesting information for them.

Hi! I am a passionate content curator, former editor and SEO specialist who thrives at finding, organising, digesting and publishing content on the Internet.

During that time, I truly discovered my passion and refined my talent for identifying, collecting and bundling information in a way that increases its value for people who are looking to find everything in one stop shop.

After working for magazines, I pivoted to content marketing working for a multinational e-commerce company. For 5 years, I learned all about information overload and the need for quality and humanly curated content.

Like for many people, the pandemic brought a waterfall of challenges in my professional and personal life. I decided to turn a crisis into an opportunity with The Niche Curator. A personal initiative born in 2022, with 3 objectives.

  1. Having great content creators reach more people.
  2. Help audiences find what they are looking for regarding this topic in one single place
  3. Create monetisation opportunities in partnership with content creators.


My first baby is Painting Glass Gurus. Why did I choose this niche? Because I love niches that involve any form of art. Because no one else is doing it. And because there are so many artists of this craft out there that need more exposure.

Thank you for reading!

If you want to learn more about me and my work follow me on IG TheNicheCurator or TW TheNicheCurator